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Barrel Finished Rum

Barrel Finished Rum

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Our Barrel Finished Rum features a proprietary blend of 8 and 10 year old Jamaican, Barbadian and Dominican rums, aged in new oak, ex-whiskey and port casks. Blended exclusively by our master distiller, Geoff Longenecker, and finished in hand-selected bourbon barrels, our ultimate rum expression delivers notes of vanilla, caramel, stone fruit and whiskey with no added sugars, flavoring or colors. Drink happily, drink responsibly.

AGE Minimum 8 Years | ABV 46% | PROOF 92 | SIZE 750ml


Demerara Cane Sugar and Molasses


NOSE: Woodsy aroma with soft vanilla

PALATE: Oak and caramel

FINISH: Smooth with lingering hints of bourbon and stone fruit

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